pollution remediation

Home remediation

Remediation is a process that tends to restore healthy conditions of a building that, after environmental analysis, resulted polluted. The type of remediation obiouvsly varies according to the type of pollutant that affects the building.
The most frequent types of remediation are:

– Remediation from electromagnetic pollution
It is accomplished by posing shielding materials between the source of pollution (antenna, electroduct, substation, transformer, electrical panel, a particular electric or electronic device) and the house or the workplace. The material, whose characteristics, type, size and position must be chosen accordingly with frequency, direction of origin and intensity of the electromagnetic field vector, can be of different kinds. Some materials are available in our “Buy online” section. It is always recommended to ask the advice of an expert and to evaluate the type of material to install after measurements and a careful assessment of the problem that must be solved.


– Remediation from Radon gas
Reduction of the concentration of Radon inside a space can be obtained by two lines of intervention:
  • reduction of Radon entry
  • removal of already infiltrated Radon.

The use of ventilation, for example, is effective in eliminating the gas already in the building, but it is often impossible for energy saving reasons. On the contrary, pressure variation between inside and outside of the building or the use of collection and discharging systems before the gas enters the building can prevent the accumulation of Radon indoor. The construction of insulating foundations (with different designs based on the structural needs of the building) or the introduction of perforated drainage pipes are some of the measures that prevent the environment from becoming an unsafe place. Every solution still has to be carefully calibrated by a qualified expert according to the characteristics of the building and the Radon efflux measured. Also the effectiveness of the method must always be confirmed through post-mitigation measurements.

– Remediation from formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds or chemical agents

Several chemical substances accumulate within a building because of the continuous release by parts of materials present inside the building itself, such as furniture, building materials, paints, etc. Sometimes the area surrounding the building is polluted and such substances can enter from the outside. The type of remediation varies significantly for the origin and the type of the pollutant. Our experts are available to help you through the design and the realization of the most effective remediation systems now available.

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