Antennas plan (RISE)

 Every municipality can adopt a regulation to ensure the proper urban and territorial settment of installations and to minimize population exposure to electromagnetic fields. It is stated by Law 36 of 22.02.2011 in Art. 8 paragraph 6 (Legge Quadro for protection from exposure to electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields).

These Rules for the Installation of Electromagnetic Sources (RISE), often incorrectly called “Antennas plan”, constitutes the only means by which the administration can direct the installation of antennas of various types in a determined area instead of another. Without such rules whoever wants to install an antenna, according to what is determined by the “Code of electronic communications, D. Lgs. 1.08.2003 n.259”, can do it by just communicating a DIA and the city council can do nothing, because antennas can be planted on the territory just under the respect of the rules for urban planning (ex Art. 86 c.2).

The RISE allows instead the city council to exercise the power of urban planning on its own territory, regulating the localization of electromagnetic sources in some regions, provided that it is thereby censure the National interest to a capillary distribution of service.

LABORAD srl provides city councils with its experience in the realization of a bulletproof RISE from both legal and technical points of view.

Laborad srl provides also services for the measurement of electromagnetic pollution (electrosmog) on the territory to verify the respect of the law limits and to protect citizens’ health from electromagnetic radiations (not ionizing radiations – NIR).

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