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The increasing complexity of legislation on environmental health and safety on the workplace poses increasing difficulties, especially for small and medium companies, in implementing the obligations of law on environmental constraints.

To help businesses the Laborad srl team, consisting of engineers, doctors and lawyers, is always at your disposal, not only for the preparation of DVR but also for legal aid and the resolution of labor disputes.

LABORAD srl provides all services for proper implementation of D. Lgs. 81/08.

Consulting services and measurement of all risk factors in the Company, including:

  • Chemical Risk
  • Biohazard
  • Risk of Manual Handling of Loads
  • Vibration Risk with vibrometer
  • Noise risk with Class 1 fonometer performed by authorized personnel
  • Risk from electromagnetic fields
  • Risk from Arfificial Optical Radiations
  • Work-related stress
  • Checking the conditions of ventilation, lighting and microclimate
  • Identification and assessment of carcinogens (including asbestos)
  • Security checks (electric, gas, fire)
  • Environment assessment for explosion risk (ATEX)
  • Writing and/or updating Risk Assessment Document (DVR) and identification of priorities in safety interventions.
  • Support for writing of security related documents (DUVRI, POS, PSC…)

In addition to assistance in filling out the DVR, LABORAD srl specializes in surveys for the assessment of risk levels for operators and the maintenance of standards of corporate security.

LABORAD srl has certified equipment and skills for the identification and resolution of security issues in the workplace.

Moreover, if the company RSPP wants to check firsthand the magnitude of the risk factors, certified Laborad srl instruments can be rented.
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