territorial investigation

Territorial investigations

Thanks to satellite technology, LABORAD srl produces maps of very extended territories creating accurate and detailed risk maps and delimiting with the best reproducibility areas defined based on parameters chosen by the customer.


We are specialized in:

•  Acoustic zoning city maps, also taking care of the bureaucracy (law 447/1995)

Rules for the Installation of Electromagnetic Sources (best known as “Antennas plan”) for the identification and characterization of pollution levels produced by mobile phone systems or transmission systems such as radio, TV, etc. and for the regulation of their distribution on city territory (law 36/2000)

•  Territorial mapping for the identification of zones with radioactive hazard due to the presence of radon gas emissione (D. Lgs. 241/2000) and for the presence of natural and/or artificial radioactive substances


We also install and manage fixed and mobile monitoring stations, granting access to data in real time (h24) and personally taking care of any alarm situation on the whole national territory.