Our Services for public administration

 LABORAD srl provides the Public Administration with the most advanced tools for assessing the pollution status of the territory allowing to respect the request of current legislation on:

  • Electromagnetic pollution, Legge quadro 36/2001, we perform electrosmog measurements on the territory evaluating both high and low frequencies, giving a clear and detailed picture of the real state of electromagnetic pollution to which the population is exposed. Laborad also writes for City Councils the Rules for the Installation of Electromagnetic Sources (RISE) that allows the cities to regulate the installation of antennas on the territory ensuring a service to the population and in the meantime reducing the risks arising from the exposition to electromagnetic radiations and protests from citizens that might feel unprotected from the hazards of technology.
  • Noise pollution, legge 447/1995. We perform acoustic zoning of the territory according law requirements allowing the city to comply with the low quickly and affordably.
  • Radioactive pollution, D. Lgs. 230/95 e D. Lgs. 241/2000. If administrations suspect the presence of radioactive sources and/or radioactive pollution in their territory, Laborad can perform verifications of the levels of radioactivity with state of the art equipment that allows to quantify the hazard and to identify any contaminating radioactive substances. As “Properly Equipped Organism”, Laborad does mapping of territory and buildings to quantify the emission of Radon gas and identifies areas at risk of underground gases emission (carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, Radon, Thoron, etc).
  • Landslide hazard: we help public administrations to evaluate and face dangers arising from floods, landslides, collapses, rock-falls, etc, thanks to our team of geologists and to sophisticated underground investigations.