verdure pesticidi

Pesticide analysis in food

A new technique to detect residues of pesticide in foods

fast, effective and low-cost

You bought groceries and you want to know if there are residues of pesticides?

You want to be sure that what you buy as “Organic food” is really what it says?

We have the solution for you!

How many times, when buying groceries, we ask ourselves if they are really free from resitues of pesticide, that may be dangerous for health, as the label says?

And how many times a farmer, without any certifications, has told us: “Trust me, don’t worry, I care personally for my crops without using chemicals!”?

But is that true?

When in doubt, surely now or in the past, you have felt the need to do some analysis to verify the presence of residues of pesticides in the food you buy, a necessity that is put aside due to the cost of the exams.

It is not true anymore!

Laborad internal laboratory has finally a new method to detect, with a single analysis, the presence of more than 70% of the plant protection producs currently in use in agriculture, with a small expense (less than 20 euros for sample!) and in a very short time (a few hours!).

cibo sano bambinoWhy should I measure?

Are you a member of a purchasing group? With only one analysis you can give peace of mind to all your friends.

Do you have a child? Verify what you buy and the water you use for your baby: unfortunately, spending more doesn’t always mean more safety!

Are you just curious? What are you waiting for? Be able to see the invisible!

What can I measure?

Pesticide analysis can be performed on small samples of fruit, vegetables, cereals, processed food, many types of foods, water and also soil, even if the pesticide contamination is very low.

What do I need?

A few grams are sufficient and a few dozens of euros are sufficient to verify your food is good and safe!


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