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Emissions to the atmosphere

D. 152 of 03/04/2006 Part V (prevention and limitation of emissions into the atmosphere by plants and activities) applies to installations, including civil heating plants and activities that produce emissions to the atmosphere.

Companies are required to:
– request an authorization for new installations and for modifications of existing plants pursuant to art. 269 and Art. 275 with ordinary procedure
– communicate minor changes pursuant to art. 269 paragraph 8
– communicate the change of name


The Companies are entitled to:
– communicate the presence of facilities/activities that generate low air pollution pursuant to art. 272 paragraph 1
– adhere to the authorization of a general character issued by the Province for specific categories of facilities/activities pursuant to art. 272 paragraph 2

Authorizations are valid for 15 years.
The RENEWAL application for plants licensed under the ordinary procedure must be submitted at least one year before expiration.

LABORAD srl provides companies with its technicians to conduct the practice of licensing or renewal at the Province.

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