electromagnetic pollution shielding

Shielding and remediation

The application of the regulations governing workplace safety, environmental respect, risk prevention and adaptation to the same standards of production structures, requires specific skills in analysis and design.

Both the costs of the remediations and the quality levels of the work and, as a result, the productive result of the company, depend on the professionalism and the accuracy of the project.


LABORAD srl offers a team of experts specialized in management and reduction of risks linked to productive activities, thus ensuring continuity in time and quality of services.
In particular we are specialized in the field of workplace safety, environmental protection, prevention of chemical, physical and biological hazards and remediation of living and working environments.
The same experts are also available for training courses and informations on key issues of corporate security.


Once the presence of electromagnetic pollution in an environment is certain, the next step is to find the source of the pollutant and the route by which electromagnetic radiations penetrate in the environment.

Next, after verifying that the source respects the limits established by current laws, some technical and legal solutions to solve the problem can be designed.


LABORAD srl assists its clients in the legal route for remediation of not legal situation or, when it is needed to proceed for preserving health, in the design and manifacturing of shielding systems able to guarantee proper protection from pollutants.
The low costs of the materials provided by new technologies make the protection of environment from electromagnetic radiations unexpensive, using shielding systems for windows, walls, pavements, etc., providing an appropriate protection from a further increase of electrosmog levels.