electrosmog at home

Elettrosmog at home

When the levels of electric or magnetic field exceed those of the natural background, electromagnetic pollution, or “electrosmog”, occurs.
With the advent of the industrial era, artificial electromagnetic fields caused by the advancements in technology (production, transport and distribution of electric energy, telecommunications, electronic devices) added to the natural background.
In some fields, such as telecommunications, there was such a development that in several areas of the globe the background levels were exceeded of millions or even of billions times, worrying even the international scientific community that started several studies to evaluate the possible effects on health of this form of pollution.

To measure precisely the level of the electromagnetic field we are exposed to every day, at home or at work, allows to evaluate the risks and to take the appropriate precautions to protect our health.


In the last years several studies linked the prolonged exposure to low frequency electromagnetic radiations (ELF) with the onset of child leukemia. Radiofrequences (RF) are instead known causes for localized hyperthermia causing damage, in high doses, to slightly vascularized tissues, such as the lens of the eye. However, a lot of work is yet to be done, expecially regarding RF, to directly correlate the exposure to ELF or RF with the onset of different pathologies (including cancer, headaches, insomnia, depression, some immunological and reproductive disorders and defects in fetal development).
Emerging evidences suggest however that some attention should be paid by keeping specific precautions, while waiting for the definitive demonstration of the dangers of non-ionizing radiations.


Trying to identify a situation of electromagnetic risk without adequate knowledge and proper equipment is always very dangerous. It is however possible to decide to ask for the help of an expert.
First, it is necessary to evaluate whether there are in a 500 meters span from the place of interest electrical substations, electroducts, power lines transmitting antennas or high power industrial establishments. If present, they can represent a presumed, but not certain, cause of electromagnetic hazard.
Unfortunately it is often very difficult to distinguish hazardous devices from harmless ones, and it’s even more difficult to recognize the presence of structures that can be placed underground (such as electroducts or electrical substations) or inside the walls of a building.
When in doubt, we suggest you not to ignore the problem, but to collect as many clues as possible and present them to an expert of the field.

Likely sources of electrosmog at home that must be kept under control are:

  • Computer
  • Cell phones
  • Household appliances and wiring
  • Microwave ovens
  • Lamps and fixtures
  • Amateur radio stations
  • Military, non-military and marine radars
  • Radioalarms and answering machines
  • Cell towers and radio links
  • Alarms
  • Home telephones and cordless devices
  • TV
  • Electric blankets
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, networks

In any case, we strongly suggest you to mistrust self-proclaimed professionals that offer to consult, with or free of charge, without:
– releasing a written and signed report;
possessing certified measurement equipment that are regularly calibrated.

For free suggestions you can contact one of our technicians in the section ask the expert.


In case a source of pollution has been already found, you can solve the problem with proper shielding.