earth gases

Underground gases (carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide)

Several places on Earth are characterized by massive emissions, chronic or paroxysmal, of underground gases. Sometimes these emissions are limited and easily identifiable, as in the case of sulphur emissions and smokers, whose activity is mainly an emission of steam and sulphurous gas.
In other cases, emissions are dispersed in a wide portion of land, are often not perceptible and hardly identifiable without proper equipment. Protection from this last kind of emissions is of crucial importance, as they act in a subtle way and are usually unexpected. Composition of the gas mixture realeased in the atmosphere is often variable, but is generally constituted by some main gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4) hydrogen sulfide (H2S), Helium (He) and Radon (Rn).


Our staff can take care of the assessment of the concentration of radon gas, hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide and can verify the presence of radioactivity in households, releasing a certification with the result of the analysis.

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