esperto qualificato

Qualified expert in radioprotection

The Qualified Expert (EQ) in Italy is the professional who is responsible of radiation protection of workers and population.

The skills of a Qualified Expert are indicated in D. Lgs. 230/95 (subsequently modified and supplemented by D. Lgs. 241/2000 and D. Lgs. 257/2001 and others) and are defined as::

« A person having the knowledge and the training necessary for performing physical, technical and radiotoxic measurements, tests and assessments and to ensure the proper functioning of protection devices, and also to provide all information and to formulate measurements to ensure the physical supervision of the protection of workers and population.»

The Qualified Expert is a consultant of the Employer, from which it receives, under appointment, the exclusive technical/scientific responsibility to guarantee the radiological surveillance; the surveillance of workers (Chapter VIII) includes also the Autorized Physician and the Responsible Physician, that are in charge of the medical surveillance of the staff.

The title of Qualified Expert is achieved after a oral examination at the Ministry of Labour, based on a program of study defined by law, and reported in detail in Allegato V of D. Lgs. 230/95.

There are three levels of competency:

  1. Level 1: for the physical surveillance of sources such as radio equipment that accelerate electrons with a maximum voltage, applied to the tube, under 400 kV.
  2. Level 2: for the physical surveillance of surches such as radio equipment that accelerate electrons between 400 keV and 10 MeV, of radioactive materials, including neutron sources whose average production over time, on all the solid angle, is under 10^4 neutrons per second.
  3. Level 3: for the physical surveillance of nuclear plants and other radiation sources other than those previously described.

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